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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Olympic buddy day

Today we had olympics day with are buddy's  are flag was Hungary 

What I did well today I went well because I tried my best and never give up. 

What didn't went well some of the games were really hard like the shot put. 

My buddy went well because she listens to me and danika she is a good buddy 

I woud change next time try more HARDER 

This is my favourite Thing that I did today is high jump 

There was 14 games to play. 


  1. The day looked so amazing!It must of been fun to do.from Juliette

  2. It must of been a epic day!It locked like you loved it.from Juliette

  3. I think it is a awesome post. My favourite thing was the piggy backing game. What was your buddy's favourite? She was awesome at high jump. Katelyn