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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Diary writing sample

WALT: keep a diary and write about what we drive doing
 Date 20/8/15

    This is my plan for our production.  I need to get all the things - brown for the dye to make my wings. For the wings I'm using material. I'm going to use  the sowing meshing and put it on my t-shirt. And on my wings I am having feathers.

For my beak - I got same fluffy staff then I hot glue gan same buttons on and I got 2 feathers and pot them on and for my beak 


White hat-what do we know wen to go and what you do know

Yellow hat-what is going well what you are doing well and what you are not doing well

Green hat- what can I change 

Blue hat-what do we do now what we want to do now 

Red hat-how I do feel about this ho I don't feel about 

Black hat-what is wrong with this what can I do with this 

This is what I have done so far. For my costume pants- I thought about I the night sky is a moon and stars and on the ather side is a foll moon and stars .
Wings - I got fabric and cut my wings then I diy it brown i thought of run i did I dangling and I got cardboard and I spray paint the cardboard cutout sum rain and put them on 
Top- I diy it brown I put soffit staff on my top then I got same pipe cleaners and pot it on the soffit staff

This is my costume it is fully maud it was had work to mack it in 5 weeks I think I am the most prad of is my beak because Eva's mum had the staff to do it  and my top 

My costume is about being up in the sky in the race n looking down at the bushes.

Sunday, 9 August 2015



  Nic - we used  pens and pastels we used paturns all on it this is my favourite paturns is the bubbles
I used pen the most one is my funniest one spiders  at the end on the pag